Luminous invites us into a profound and transformational journey through the depths and heights of the human experience. Each poem serves as a doorway into our inner landscape—where we discover our unique stories, wounds and gifts, as well as our deep sense of belonging and connection to Life itself. Poems in this collection can be used as guidance and inspiration in your own personal practice, in meditation or support circles, and by teachers and presenters.

Luminous Poetry Book
“Luminous is a precious gem, a masterpiece of loveliness, a deep dive into the soul. The poems in this book will enlighten, nourish, support and envelope you. Laura has written a gift relevant to all people—but particularly to seekers, awakened ones and people committed to their constant growth and development. It is a treasure.“
~Lynne Twist
Author of Soul of Money & Co-Founder, Pachamama Alliance


What's Inside

Section 1 Initiation


Section I, Initiation, includes poems about the initiatory passages of life—those moments of transformation, shift, and rupture where Life asks us to let go of the familiar and leap into the unknown—so that we may discover new ways of being
and understanding.

Section 2 Revalation


Section II, Revelation, explores the gifts and power of wild places (within and without) and the ways we are seasoned by the seasons
of our lives.

Section 3 Creation


Section III, Creation, offers poems that speak to our own personal mythos and origin stories—to the elements that have shaped who we are and what we are here
to do and be.

Section 4 Awakening


The final section, Awakening, includes poems that celebrate the Dance with the Divine—and the experience of what it is to be both mortal and in nite. It is my hope that in each of these sections you will find chords or echoes from your own stories, lives and experiences.

48 Individual Poems​

Each section has 12 poems representing a different part of the personal and spiritual process.

Reflection Questions​

Each poem includes individual reflection questions to support readers to make connections to their own lives and soul journeys.

A Personal & Universal Story

At once intensely personal and profoundly universal, these poems explore the power of the awakened heart, the teachings of the wild earth, the healing of our bodies and souls, and the mysteries of our very existence.


Praise for Luminous

“Laura’s poems are magical adventures. Like shamanic journeys, they inspire us to soar through portals to our higher consciousness. We reawaken to our connection with nature, the earth and the universe.“
~John Perkins
Author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, The Secret History of the American Empire, The World as You Dream It and many more
“Luminous is a collection of poems that have arrived out of Laura’s deep kinship with nature—both the outer landscape and the inner seasons of the soul’s unfolding. With an attentiveness to their contours, rhythm and flavour, it’s as if the poet reunites words until their combined picture emerges—and we unexpectedly, gratefully find ourselves in it.“
~Toko-pa Turner
Author of Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home
“Laura Weaver is fluent in the language of the heart—the heart that knows the beauty and joy of being touched by the seasons of time, the pain of loss, the rootedness of the natural world, and the delicacy of stillness. I suspect that like me, her poetry will authentically touch your heart in a way that you too feel seen and known.”
~Michael Stone
Journalist and Host and Producer of The Shift Network Shamanism Global Summit and KVMR’s Conversations
“A poet of the soul, Laura Weaver’s Luminous is an invitation to hold sacred the truth of our vulnerabilities—our greatest strength. Every word is a carrier wave delivering intricate sound codes that awaken the mystery and mastery of a human life.”
~Tryshe Dhevney
Sounds True Recording Artist, Sound Healer, Actor & Director
“There is nowhere to hide in Laura Weaver’s exquisite poetry. Luminous shines the light on our deepest longings, wounds, joys and sorrows, with no apology. This utterly beautiful collection will break you open—over and over again.“
~Pasha Hogan
Author of The Joy of Creative Discovery and Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery
“Laura Weaver’s poems are a salve for the human soul. These pages will accompany your path, as they have mine, providing expression for the ineffable, solace for the unbearable, and profound hope and inspiration for what’s possible.”
~David Tucker
Pachamama Alliance
“This is a book of poems that I want to show my mother, my daughter, my grandmother—and bask in their aching, loving truths and insights.”
~Rebecca Ghanadan, PhD
Founder, Aspis Coaching Group
“Laura Weaver’s book of poetry, Luminous is a light-filled journey into the deepest recesses of our heart and soul. The words and images remind us to be hopeful in the vast mystery of life. This collection could easily be used as part of a daily meditation ritual.”
~Diane S. Turner, LCSW, CLC
Author, Heart Wisdom, A Concise Companion for Creating a Life of Possibility

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About the Author

Laura Weaver Author

Laura Weaver​

Laura Weaver, MA, is a poet, author, teacher, guide, and organizational consultant with over two decades of experience in writing, education, leadership, healing, and non-pro t and social change work. Over the last twenty-five years, Laura has offered courses, retreats, and workshops on women’s leadership, poetry and writing, rites of passage, equity, and heart-centered education. She is the co-author of The Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching (Solution Tree Press 2013) and has published dozens of poems, book chapters, blogs, and essays. Her experience with her own healing journeys deeply inform her writing and work as a “soul guide” for others who are going through significant passages. Laura has been rooted in Boulder, Colorado for the last twenty years—where she is daily inspired by wide open spaces, audacious wildflowers, coursing snow-fed streams and diamond nights.


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